What I learned in 2017


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  • Doing nothing does nothing. If you want something you’re going to have to work for it – whether that’s your ideal body, your dream job or a skill that you want to learn or improve. You can’t expect anything to change until you and/or your mindset changes so take risks and try new things that intimidate you.
  • Vulnerability is not weakness. It’s actually really scary allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you know like actually being 100% honest and transparent about your feelings. When you’re in a state of vulnerability you’re able to experience your emotions on a deeper level. The highs are incredible but the lows are equally intense. Just because you are on this emotional flow it does not mean that you are weak – if anything, I believe that practicing vulnerability has helped me to become stronger and it has also allowed me to create deeper and stronger bonds with people. Feel your emotions, accept them for what they are – positive or negative – then let them go.


  • You don’t know their story. The thing is we never actually know someone, we just know what a person decides to share with us. I learned this year more than ever, you just can’t judge people. Reach out and talk to people – you might be surprised, they might end up sharing your same guilty pleasure (I have made precious new friends from fan-girling over k-pop with people I never would have thought even knew what k-pop is) or maybe they’re a completely different person to how you originally perceived them to be. Everyone is going through something and most likely won’t tell you about it so always be kind – unless you are being used as a doormat or being mistreated then just…
  • Cut out toxic people. It is okay. You should never feel guilty for putting your wellbeing first. Stop interacting with people who bring you down and don’t support you. You don’t need people who make you feel small and insignificant in your life. Life is hard enough without having to deal with people who drain your energy or belittle the things that you are passionate and excited about. I don’t care who it is or how long you’ve know them, if the relationship is only bringing you drama and stress then the relationship is unnecessary. Some people are better left as a lesson from your past rather than an active part of your life.


  • You don’t owe anyone anything. If you don’t want to go to the party, don’t go. Don’t feel pressured to conform or to live up to anyone else’s standards and expectations of you. Focus on setting your own goals – big or small – and work towards achieving them. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone – just follow your passion and work hard. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else understands or not. Be you and be true.
  • Find a lipstick that makes you feel powerful AF. Go extra or go home – people are gonna judge you anyways, give them something to stare at 😉 I think that 2017 was a big year for me in terms of self-love. I used to be incredibly shy and self-conscious, I hated the idea of being different because I didn’t want people to judge me but by blending in and suppressing my personality I just felt really sad and lonely. It took me a while but I’ve learned to love my quirks and I celebrate the things that make me ‘weird’.

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  • Say “I love you” when you mean it. Let the people who are important to you know that you love them. Three words aren’t hard to say just make sure you’re being genuine.
  • Kiss slowly. It’s better, trust me 😉
  • Hug and cuddle often.
  • Timing is everything. So life doesn’t always go as planned. It’s frustrating at times, scary at others and when you’re lucky it’s absolutely, insanely amazing. Sometimes it’s not that that thing or even that person isn’t meant for us, it’s just that it’s the wrong time and maybe you have to wait a little longer before it will eventually work out the way you planned it. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up, whatever is meant for us will find a way so keep reaching for your goals and chasing your dreams.



Photo Credit: Ayesha Ahmad @ayeshabeans (IG)


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