February Favourites


I was flicking through my camera roll last night and I realised that this past month has been crazy in all the best ways. Second semester of uni started (I got my exam results back – guys, I didn’t fail even though I was *this* close to dropping out.. long story), my sister celebrated her 18th birthday and I turned 21 years young^^. My friends and I worked hard and played harder to balance working part-time, assignments, deadlines and our social lives. I also started a new relationship last month ❤ I guess the only downfall of February for me is that my gym and fitness routine has become non-existent (same as my blog and IG game) but no worries, I’m starting back again this week so it’s all up from here.

February, those 28 days seem to pass by so quickly every year.

I’ve created a little round-up of my favourites of the month because honestly February was an incredible month for me and I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet (yes, I realise we’re already one week into March, it’s okay, I just wanna be sentimental for a minute).

The first item on my February favourites has to be this handmade, painted, blown-glass light catcher that one of my friends gifted to me for my 21st birthday. Not only is the design super cute but the colours and textures are so beautiful and mesmerising in the light. Also, I love the fact that the woman who makes these light-catchers uses recycled materials to create stunning art – the packaging even is simply a recycled CD case which I think is both brilliant and adorable – and she’s an Irish-based artist (support local businesses). C55AA20C-C393-4316-BE23-3E890B331612

Next on my list is this Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil Skin Perfector which is a product that I have been raving about since I first started using it about a year ago. It is very affordable and extremely effective. Recently the weather has been so cold so I have started using this oil again. I like to incorporate it into my night skin routine and basically I use it as either a serum or if my skin is particularly dry or if I’m having a bad breakout, then I use this product as an overnight mask at the end of my routine. It always leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and smooth and it gives me a nice, radiant glow, which is always good. Another thing which I love about this product is that since I’ve started using it, my eyelashes appear much stronger and longer – now this is not something that has been proven by science or anything, it’s just my own observations from my own experience and what works for me might not work for you. I am always recommending this product and giving it to my friends and I have never heard any bad feedback! Facetune_03-03-2018-20-28-11

My favourite scent of the month has been this baby that I picked up from Urban Outfitters. It’s called Pistachio Brulee and it has a really unique but warm and comforting, sweet scent. It’s also student budget-friendly and a little bit goes a long way.Facetune_03-03-2018-20-27-42

I watched and rewatched Coco so many times in the last few weeks and I have also downloaded the soundtrack ^^ This movie is visually stunning. The characters are complex and loveable with just the right amount of sass. The storyline is intriguing and the soundtrack is just so good. If it was still playing in cinemas, I would happily go watch it again!IMG_0472

So facemasks are life – literally. If you’re like me with sensitive skin, then you know all about winter and dry, flaky, dull skin. I have been using this natural clay mask from Himalaya Herbals pretty regularly for the last month and it has helped control excess oil production, while also retaining moisture and evening out my skin tone. I like to use this mask after I’ve cleansed my face at night. I find that it leaves my skin feeling super fresh and smooth.


I got into a bit of a smoothie-bowl flow since the start of the new year. I love experimenting with different colours and combinations of foods. Acai has been pretty mainstream for a while because of all the incredible health benefits but for some reason I’ve never tried it until recently. I don’t know what I’ve been doing because this stuff is pretty amazing! It’s so freaking healthy and it also creates such beautiful hues in your smoothies (no, it’s not a necessity but it’s always a bonus when your food looks good).Facetune_03-03-2018-20-16-36

My song of the month has been Oh Devil by Electric Guest. This song has all the feels and it’s just good vibes. To be honest I’m not even gonna talk about it, just go listen to it – like right now^^


The last item on my list is this Himalayan rock salt candle holder. Himalayan rock salt purifies the air. It generates negative ions and neutralises electromagnetic radiation. So yeah, it cleans the air and gets rid of dust but it is also know to improve your mood, concentration and sleep. I always use mine when I’m studying or if I’m especially stressed or anxious for whatever reason. Maybe it’s placebo effect but I always feel much more calm and focused when I have a candle lit. You should definitely do a little research and even invest in one of these candle holders or lamps.Facetune_03-03-2018-20-24-53

That’s pretty much it for my roundup of my February Favourites! If you use or decide to try out any of these products, I’d love to hear what you think about them!

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  1. Michelle Tan says:

    Hi Hudaa, I tried finding your contact info on your blog but without luck, so I hope it’s’ okay I connect with you here in the comments! I wanted to hear if you’re doing collabs? If so, I’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with me on michelle@gurupress.co and then I’d love to tell you some more! Thanks 🙂


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